How to Join Sligo Mountaineering Club

The joining days for new members of the Sligo Mountaineering Club are on the following "Club Sundays"

January 2017

Sunday 1st, joining day for new members. Luke's Bridge to Benbulben, 10.45am Tubs & Tiles car-park.

February 2017

Sunday 5th, joining day for new members. Doon Lough to Leean, 10.45am Tubs & Tiles car-park.

March 2017

Sunday 5th, joining day for new members. Glencar to Truskmore, 10.45am Tubs & Tiles car-park.

April 2017

Sunday 2nd, joining day for new members. Luke's Bridge to Benwhisken, 10.45am Tubs & Tiles car-park.

May 2017

Sunday 7th, joining day for new members. Luke's Bridge to Kings Gully & Pinnacle, 10.45am Tubs & Tiles car-park.

September 2017

Sunday 3rd, joining day for new members. Crockauns from Keelogyboy car park, 10.45am Tubs & Tiles car-park.

October 2017

Sunday 1st, joining day for new members. Glencar to Joe's Gully & Eagles Rock, 10.45am Tubs & Tiles car-park.

We meet at Tubs & Tiles Car Park, Duck St. Sligo, at 10.45am. For your Health & Safety and to ensure a comfortable day is had by all, please come appropriately dressed for a day in the mountains:

Please also remember to bring along any prescription medication you may need and if you have any doubt as to whether or not this type of exercise is suitable for you, please seek advice from your Doctor.

Club Sundays are  a ‘C’ Grade Walks and will last for approximately 4 hours, will cover approximately 10km and will involve an elevation gain over sometimes, tough, wet and uneven terrain. The hike is designed to introduce new members to Hillwalking and Mountain Craft and will be led by an experienced club member.

There is no charge for this walk but if you decide to join the club you must - for Insurance reasons - pay your club fees on your next hike.

NB: You are only permitted to participate in one Club Sunday, before joing the club.

On your Club SundayBenbulben

Corraun Mountain

After completing your Club Sunday you are free to join the Club. You must have aquired the full kit list before coming along on your next walk and have the correct footwear and clothing. When you have all the necessary kit you can come along and join up on any Sunday morning. It might be a good idea to check with some of the other members that the grade would be suitable for you especially if you are a beginner. Also you will need to confirm the start time as the times do vary from Sunday to Sunday. 

Once you join you will recieve your calendar of events for the year and can then choose which hikes you would like to take part in. Please note that you must have acquired all the necessary gear, clothing and equipment outlined by the safety committee before joining the club. This is for your own safety and the safety of your fellow walkers. If you are unsure of any of the items on the kit list please seek advice from the safety committee and long term club members. 


Club Fees

Club fees are to be paid in full when you come out to do your first walk after your Club Sunday. At present the fees are as follows:

Your fee includes the SMC Club Fee, Insurance, Mountaineering Ireland Fee and a Quarterly Magazine.

Walk Grades

Grade C   up to 4 hours, a hill walk suitable for younger and new members.

Grade B   4 -6 hours, for reasonably fit walkers, properly equipped and who have navigation skills.

Grade A   6 – 12 hours, for experienced fit walkers, with good navigation and survival skills.