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Essential – for safety reasons, these items are a must:


  1. Suitable Rucksack (30 to 35-litres size) that has padded-out straps and a waistband that can be adjusted for comfort
  2. Waterproof stuffsacs or suitable polythene bag – to keep your essentials dry in poor weather
  3. Hydration – Water bottle(s) or water bladder-type with hose and mouthpiece
  4. Strong Waterproof Walking Boots
  5. Gaiters
  6. Hot/Cold Drink
  7. Adequate Food for the Duration of the Hike
  8. Emergency Rations i.e., Sweets, Chocolate
  9. Map & Compass
  10. Whistle attached to the outside of your rucksack
  11. Head Torch & Spare Batteries
  12. Basic First Aid Kit (with the addition of gloves, masks, and hand sanitiser)
  13. Survival Bag
  14. Essential – Protection against wet and cold:
  15. Suitable Warm Clothing – Denim is unsuitable because it is very absorbent and slow to dry
  16. Hat & Gloves
  17. Waterproof Jacket
  18. Waterproof Over Trousers
  19. Spare Change of Dry Clothing (Fleece, leggings, Socks)

Essential – Protection from extremes of sunshine and heat

  1. Sun cream, factor 20 or stronger
  2. Sunglasses (category 3)
  3. Lip salve 
  4. Brimmed sun hat


Desirable – these items add to your comfort and safety on the mountains

  1. Two telescopic walking poles or sticks 
  2. Buff 
  3. Phone with mapping app – fully charged
  4. GPS device and spare batteries
  5. Penknife or multi-tool

Those deemed to be ill-prepared for the mountains may be turned back

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