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SMC Committees and Officers 2021-2022


Sligo Mountaineering Club has several officers and committees with persons delegated to consider, investigate, and/or report on safety, training, and environmental issues.  The calendar committee researches, acts on suggestions from members, identify best starting grid references and codifies walks according to established walk grade references, “A”, “B” & “C”.  Each of these committees play an important role in the club and are as follows:


Calendar Committee

Robin Pettigrew, David Dykes, Fióna Gallagher, John Lydon, and Derry Taheny, Margaret Gerrity, Mark Waters.


Safety Committee

Eileen Davey, Matthias Ruedel, and Jimmy Giblin.


Training officers

Mark Waters and Eileen Davey, Margaret Gerrity.


Environmental Officers

Cecily Gilligan and Jo Ryan.

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